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The cinematic landscape in Latin America has been changing over the past few years. The films we select shed a light on current issues in Latin America, put women's artistic work in focus and present creative and independent Latinx filmmakers and stories to a wider audience across the UK. 

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Films we have screened or plan to screen soon.
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Sansón y Yo | Mexico, Documentary

This gripping documentary directed by Rodrigo Reyes is a deeply compassionate look on the complexities of immigration and our understanding of crime and justice.
Watch our Q&A: Video 

Un Crimen Común | Argentina, Drama

In this ghostly, powerful thriller, director Francisco Márquez masterfully explores the social injustices which manifest themselves in the growing gap between rich and poor in Argentina.

Watch our Q&A with the director: Video

Radio Silence | Mexico, Documentary

Carmen Aristegui will not be silenced. The incorruptible journalist and news anchor is one of the few voices in Mexico with the courage to speak the truth – becoming one of the most dangerous voices in the eyes of the government.
Next screening April 15, 2021: Tickets

Canción Sin Nombre | Peru, Drama

Inspired by true events in the 1980s, Song Without A Name tells the story of Georgina, an indigenous woman whose newborn child is stolen by a fake maternity clinic which leads her to a desperate search for her baby...
Racial tensions and internal violence in 1980’s Peru: Film Review.

Mujer de Soldado | Peru, Documentary

In 1984, while fighting against the armed group Sendero Luminoso, Peruvian soldiers sexually abused teenage girls and young women, including Magda Surichaqui. Decades later, this compelling film takes a respectful approach to the story, offering Magda and other victims of abuse a chance to share their horrific truths.
Peru: the lasting trauma of wartime sexual violence: Film Review

The Mole Agent | Chile, Documentary

Sergio, an elegant, softly spoken octogenarian gets hired by a private investigator to spend a couple of months as a spy in nursing home, because a concerned daughter wants to ensure her mother isn’t being mistreated. Spy Movie meets documentary in this beautifully shot and heartwarming film about elderly abandonment.
Q&A with Academy-Awards-nominated film director Maite Alberdi: Video.

Miriam Miente | Dominican Republic, Drama

This coming-of-age drama highlights the racist micro-aggressions that teenager Miriam has to deal with on a daily basis. As her 15th birthday approaches, Miriam starts to question her biracial identity.
Q&A with film director Natalia Cabral: Video.

Retablo | Peru, Fiction

This visually stunning coming-of-age story masterfully explores the weight of heritage, the boundaries of love, and the burdens of family expectations – as well as the complexity of accepting our parents for whom they really are. Written and acted in a mix of Quechua and Spanish.