About Us

We are a small team of highly enthusiastic film lovers who focus on Latinx films and documentaries. Our experienced founder and director, Karoline Pelikan, is a Peruvian filmmaker and cultural manager. The films we select and the programmes we curate shed a light on current issues in Latin America, put women's artistic work in focus and present creative and independent Latinx filmmakers and stories to a wider audience across the UK.
We seek an intercultural dialogue between cineastas and cinephiles, and build a cinematic bridge between a UK & Latinx audience.

Our Partners

Our events are only possible through a collaboration with amazing partners who are as invested as we are to showcase independent Latin American cinema across the UK. Our heartfelt thank you goes to: 

The Festival of Latin American Women in Arts (FLAWA)

Independent charity providing news and information on Latin America, its people, politics & society (LAB)

A social arts organization run by and made for women (EmpoderArte)

The Peruvian Embassy in the UK.

Submit Your Film

We're always looking for new material to showcase in our next event series. If you are a Latinx filmmaker or have a film that sheds a light on issues in Latin America, please send us your work here:


You are enthusiastic about Latinx films and would like to help us showcase them across the UK? Send us your CV & motivation here:

Become a partner

We're always looking for like-minded partners & collaborators who are as invested as we are in showcasing Latinx films across the UK. Please contact us for more information on our programmes:

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